Michigan coyote hunting laws and seasons


Coyote Season -

No limit - Statewide - Year-Round

Enough Said!


Night Hunting - Great News!

Michigan predator hunters can now use Centerfire at night!

OK some restrictions: Shotgun Zone .269 caliber or smaller Private Land only. Above shotgun zone .269 or smaller not allowed in parks and recreation areas. Like any other laws you have to know, understand and follow. READ THE LAW


Coyote Hunting FAQs


Can I use a centerfire rifle to hunt coyotes?

You may use a centerfire rifle to hunt coyotes during regular daytime hunting

hours statewide. Centerfire rifles MAY NOT be used at night.


Can I hunt coyotes from a treestand?

Coyotes may be hunted from a treestand during daylight hours with a bow

and arrow, crossbow, .22 or smaller rimfire, shotgun or centerfire rifle. Coyotes

may not be hunted from a treestand at night.


Can I use electronic calls or mechanical/electronic decoys?

Yes, electronic calls, mouth calls, or other types of game calls or predator calls

may be used. Mechanical/electronic decoys may be used.


What license do I need?

• Residents may HUNT coyote with a base license. Residents trapping coyotes

must have a furharvester license.

• Non-residents must have a furharvester license to hunt or trap coyotes.

• Coyotes doing or about to do damage to private property on private land, the

owner or designee may take coyotes without a license.


Can I use night vision, thermal, infrared optics to take coyotes at night?

Coyotes may be taken at night with thermal, infrared, or other night vision

systems. Laser sights may also be used.


Do I need to wear Hunter Orange to hunt coyote?

Hunter Orange is required when traveling afoot during daylight hours, but not

required once stationary or at night.


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